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3M Studio Showcase

3M SHOWCASE Poster.jpg

HOM Art Trans would like to present our latest 3M Studio showcase  featuring the latest body of works of three emerging artists. Fresh from the 3M Studio programme, we have "Untitled" by Afiq Zainal, "Before We Remember" by Viko Ng Zhi June, and "After a Splendid Moment" by Yong Hui Lin.
Highlighting a diverse set of ideas and musings across their respective body of works, these body of works are the product of the artists' three-month involvement in the 3M Studio Programme. In conceiving works that best represent their distinctive interests and concerns, they have emerged from the programme with newfound discipline and confidence instilled within their creative practice. Involving themes that concern notions of emotions, memories and heritages, this online showcase will take place between 16th - 27th August 2021 on our social media platforms and our website.

Click on the posters to view each artist's body of works:

Afiq 3M SHOWCASE poster FINAL.jpg

3M Studio Showcase: 
Untitled by Afiq Zainal

Viko 3M SHOWCASE poster FINAL.jpg

3M Studio Showcase: 
Before We Remember by Viko Ng Zhi June

Hui Lin 3M SHOWCASE poster Final.jpg

3M Studio Showcase: 
After a Splendid Moment by Yong Hui Lin

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