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Selected artists involved with the 3M Studio programme will be provided with a shared studio space. The images above display the space provided by HOM Art Trans which is to be shared between the artists chosen to participate in the 3M Studios and A-RES programme. Located on the same row of shops as HOM Art Trans, on the second floor above Salminah Clinic, the 1400 sqf studio has ample working space, a lounge, a pantry, and a bathroom.


Situated on the floor below HOM Studios, is local printmaking studio CHETAK 12. It was established in 2017 by Malaysian artists Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Samsudin Wahab, and Faizal Suhif.  The 600 sqf studio is fully equipped with the essential printmaking tools to encourage the public to engage in the art using traditional techniques. Their facilities are also open to artists participating in the 3M Intensive programme.

Chetak 12 is essentially a place where ideas are shared and knowledge exchanged; they provide a platform for fellow artists to hone and practice their printmaking skills. In the spirit of educating the local community, the studio also welcomes members of the public to the space by frequently hosting workshops, demonstrations, and talks. Additionally, they offer professional printmaking consultation for individuals and institutions.


Malaysian Art Archive & Research Support (MARS), is a non-profit research support centre that compiles, preserves and archives mainly printed materials related to Malaysian visual and fine arts intended for the consumption of researchers, students and interested parties. The size of this space is 340 sqf.


HOM Art Trans is an independent art space that seeks to assist and support the development of visual art in Malaysia and facilitate networking with the Southeast Asian counterparts. This gallery hosts monthly exhibitions and the space size is 1400sqf.

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